URL Rewriting


When Vulture receives an HTTP request, you can modify the requested URL before processing it.
You can create rules that apply on all applications or only to the specified ones.

Click on "Add an entry" to create a new URL rewriting rule:

  • Friendly name: A friendly name for the rules
  • This is a template: Check that if you wan to create a rules template that you can clone later
  • Apply this rule on: If you select nothing, the rule applies on all applications. You can select multiple applications by pressing "ctrl + left click"

If you have multiple rules, Vulture will apply them in the following way:

  1. Rules that apply to all applications are activated first, in the httpd "" context
  2. Rules that apply to a specific application are then activated, in a httpd "" context

Rewriting policy

You can combine multiple conditions and action in a rule policy.
You can drag'n drop element in the GUI. Here is an example:

URL Rewriting

In this example, if we found "Mozilla" in the HTTP User-Agent, we replace the URL by https://www.google.fr and then we perform an HTTP 302 redirection ([R] flag).
Consult mod_rewrite for details on URL rewriting.