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All-In-One Security Appliance 

Log Processing
Threat Intelligence
Network Protection

Vulture is a robust, blazing-fast, security appliance built on top of an HardenedBSD operating system. Vulture is Open Source and backed by Advens for support  and specific features.

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A few things we’re great at

Created in 2003, Vulture has evolved from a reverse-proxy solution to a full-featured security appliance.

Vulture can collect and manage your logs and events, with unique features such as data normalization & enrichment. It is also able to detect anomalies from logs or network trafic and block attacks targeting your digital assets

Log processing

Blazing-fast log-processing
Clustering capabilies for horizontal scaling
Log normalisation to JSON format
Log enrichment with threat intelligence
YARA and Darwin engines to detect anomalies

Network Protection

Load-balancer and BSD’s Packet Filter
TCP and HTTP reverse-proxy
Web application firewall / WebSSO
OpenID Identity provider
Clustering capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

Vulture embeds the « Darwin » technology
Darwin is a high-performance, C++ multithreaded A.I. framework
Log processing and network protection rely on the darwin engine to detect anomalies

Download an image and try it out !

Vulture runs on ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Nutanix, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services… 
We recommand HP Proliant servers if you want to run Vulture on physical hardware
Prerequisites: Modern CPU with multiple cores, 4Gb of RAM, 30Gb of disk