Lille, France

Vulture Operating System

Vulture is an Open Source security solution designed for log processing and network protection. It is based on HardenedBSD and runs on VM, barebone and ARM SoC.

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Log Processing

Log collection & centralisation
Blazing-fast normalisation
Threat intelligence


Network Protection

Network firewall
TCP & HTTP Reverse Proxy 
SSO and OpenID portals


Artificial Intelligence

Embedded Darwin engine
Threat and anomaly detection
Professional use-cases with Advens


Download an image and try it out !

Vulture runs on any hypervisor, such as ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Nutanix…
For physical devices we have best experience with HP Proliant servers
Vulture has also been fully tested on Raspberry Pi 4, RockPro64 and Khadas Edge-V ARM SoC (more to come).
Prerequisites: Modern CPU with multiple cores, 4Gb of RAM, 30Gb of disk